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visa or not visa? That is the question…

Very well, so it went down like this. I planned the trip with a lot of time, in part because I am a big freak when it comes to organization and second, just to prevent shit to go wrong. With this trip I was reminded that no matter how much you prepare, shit will still go wrong, so fuck it…just plan the essentials, the rest will unwrap itself.

So the trip was to last 1o hours in the bus, meaning that if we left town at 8:20pm we would be arriving at the capital at 6:30am more or less. Everything started normally boring, we were going well on time when the shit striked. A big bad accident made all the roads to be closed so the emergency response could get to the site quicker. For 2 hours the path was closed! I was getting neurotic, if calculations were right, 2 hours stuck in traffic meant we would miss our appointment!

I am an impatient man, I won´t deny it, I have trying working on it, but its hard to fight something that seems it part of me, a part that I dislike, but a part of me all the same. So I am freaking out thinking “Ok, damage control now what?” my GF tried to calm me down with truthfulness “Well, fist, we don´t know if we are going to be late or not, you are guessing and calculating that we are going to miss the appointment, but you are not sure and second, why worry if you can´t do anything about it”. Just after she said that a dude 2 rows behind us started calling to get a plane ticket for 6am to be in the capital at 8am departing from the last town we passed by. I heard him say “yeah ok, thank you” and tell the guy beside him he was tacking the plane. My small tranquility went to hell, “should I do the same”? I started asking myself. Man I love my GF, she saw my face getting worried and she told me “The guy is nuts, not only he will be spending a lot more, but now how the hell is he going to get to the last town we were at? All traffic is closed anyhow!”…so true!

Anyway, thanks to my PSP I calmed my nerves and after 2 hours the traffic started moving again. Couldn´t really sleep, busses are not meant for people taller than 6′. I really felt uncomfortable! If I slept 2 hours in a row it was a miracle. I was up and about at 4am, damn it. I fall asleep at 5:30 again.

When I opened my eyes at 6:10am we were in the capital city! Now how on earth did we or the driver achieved that? I have no idea, not a clue, but it did. We got to the terminal at 7am, we were able to get a decent breakfast and to walk all the way to the embassy and still be on time!

Things in the embassy seems to go alright, but I didn´t know I had to take with me a letter from my employer saying I was granted vacations, like a vacation certificate. Why on earth did they even care? Well after some though, the vacations are a way of making sure I am not going to quit my job and stay in their country, but still, even if that was my plan, a vacation certificate can´t stop me from doing it, so its pointless. Anyhow, I was told that my visa wouldn´t not be processed until I get them the letter.

Right now I already asked for my vacations to my boss in a written form to what she said “I will have to talk to my boss about it before I approve it”…wait what? She already agreed on it like 2 months ago, why pull this shit on me now? Meeeeh…good thing I plan everything in advanced and the trip is in October, so she can take a few days deciding if she wants.

OH, BUT BUT…I found out that even if I would have taken a flight to the capital I would have been screwed, because the airport was closed until 10am! That means I was meant to be in that bus and that poor fellow who panicked got screwed…the teaching of the story? Easy mate: Prepare the essentials and know that your eventualities will occur: nothing is carved on rock. Also don´t panic, things tend to fix themselves or the solution is simpler than you think. Be patient! Patience is improtant…I really have to learn that last one.


Bus trip

So the time has come for my trip to the capital in order to get my visa sorted out. All the passport ordeal was for this visa, the Schengen Visa to visit Europe…it is such a pain, and the worst part is all the money I have to invest and still I have to kiss some feet so I can waste such money…but that is life!

Anyway, because I was given the appointment at 8am tomorrow, the earliest flight couldn´t get me in time and traveling the night before would require for me to pay for a hotel, and right now we are in war economy in my front, meaning, spent as little as I can and only is very important stuff, such as the teachings of the ninja saving program 😀

Therefore I decided to take the bus, 10 to 12 hours depending on the usual problems of the road such as repairs or accidents. I will start travelling at 8pm and hoping to arrive at 6am more or less, take some time to take breakfast and get to the embassy with no hassle. Now the idea to sleep and pass all night in a bus other than boring and uncomfortable is just…I feel cheap! hahaha

Anyhow, I will be travelling soon enough and 2 days from now when I am back I will let you all know how things went down, if I will be able to travel to Europe or not.


i don´t know how should I feel

Should I feel glad that I was heard or bad because the solution came too late?

Maybe, just maybe…at least in my dream world in my head: My pleads were heard. After the tragic events that happened trying to get my passport issued I made a lot of complaints to different news papers and to the authorities. I really want to believe that I was actually heard and that is was not all just by chance.

I have read in the news yesterday that they will start using a new finger ID machine starting this monday to give appointments. This means they have cancelled the stupid line of 5 hours just to be told when you had to really come to wait another 8 hours. With this machine, you just have to dedicate 5 minutes or your time placing your fingerprint and it will automatically give you a date: They did even a small study of how long they take to process 1 passport, made a really easy calculation of how many people they can really sort out in one day and placed a cap meaning that the long 8 hour wait will be reduced to just 5 hours hahaha…but it’s something, they stepped up.

So again, from the question at the beginning, I would really like to feel glad that I was heard…but the truth, as life is just like that: It was meant to happen even if I complaint or not…so I will feel bad because the measures were made AFTER I had to live through that ordeal…daaaaaamn


Energy output

2 years ago in the glorious for me 2009, during my “home arrest” of being unemployed, therefore being home all the time unless I had interviews, were my longest vacations of my life. During that time I could say, were the fittest of all, I did excercise all day, from sit ups to pull ups and the whole show that “in-home” excercise involves. I went from 196 to 156 (In part for the excercise but I am sure big part was for frustration over money issues and being unemployed hahaha). First time I could see my six-pack and had a decent upper body strength.

Now, man o man…I feel that every time I get home I see the iron gym pull up bar staring at me in the eyes and saying “You wimp, I still exist! don´t try to ignore me you bastard”. When I get home I go to the process of changing into shorts and t-shirt, first thing before anything else, I hate “Salaryman” outfit. After that I find something to eat, and then it comes, my relax time, find something that turn my mind of the shit I lived during the day, the problems that constantly attack my mind, such as my mother, my future travel ergo my future debt…etc. I focus on reading a good thriller or just playing video games where during good solid 3 hours I forget and just play. After that is done it’s already 11pm and time to start thinking sleeping would be a good idea or else I would be a zombie the next day.

Now all of that is lame excuse, why can´t I take 20 minutes of all those 3 hours and excercise? Why is excercise for most people a good way to get stress out of their system and feel good while for me is a nuisance? But I need it in order to keep healthy AND feel good…I want my pecs back damn it!

I need advise of many of you that I know are active and that really can fight that laziness that overcomes the working man/woman…What do you think every time you get home in order to start working out, how do you put yourself on the task? Do you make yourself guilty? Think of the stuff you will gain? What do you do?


the maniac strikes back

So I have been having bad things happening in a daily basis, but mostly at work and money related things that every time I get home I just can forget about them and relax….until my mother couldn´t just chill and ignore the rest of her family as we have ignored her.

I believe that in her strive to call our attention and just keep picking up fights for fun…she decided to legally ask for a divorce. Now why didn´t she asked for a divorce before? Because there was (and there is) no gain in that. My dad is not asking anything from her, she has her own apartment and my dad has his own, they split the furniture and that’s it…in any way my dad have tried bugging her for anything and she even has 2 benefits, my dad’s medical insurance that covered her and if my dad dies (that is the most probable outcome thus he is 20 years older than her) she would inherit his pension, that may not be much, but to receive extra money whatsoever the reason is just a joy.

But now when she gets the divorce, non of the benefits will be possible, she will have to pay for her own insurance, etc. Now what is she after? I have no idea but I have a clue…both of the apartments have different owners. Where she lives, half of the apartment is in the name of my sister that lives and the other 50% is in the name of my late sister…the apartment where my dad lives half is in his name and the rest in my mom’s. So I think she will want to have her apartment in her name and my dad’s in his name: OK fair enough, although NO ONE is kicking her out, she may have the crazy fear that my sister, if she wanted, could kick her out, but making this changes cost money, the attorneys cost money…the whole process cost money! And she doesn´t have any, so why the hell she does that? Beats me.

To make things worse, my dad asked my sister, his counselor, what was the worst possible outcome and the answer was: Both apartments are sold and the money is split but they end up homeless, and that is making my dad worried.

So, now I can´t find peace at home either, if Salaryman thought a train full of screaming kids is hell, I should trade my life with him to teach him real nightmares


It is just not my week

And yesterday was def. not my day!

SO my passport expired in May. I went to renew it in June and in less than an hour I was already in the inner ring of the office when a clerk told me that the new mechanic reading passport would be out in July. They told me “We can issue the old one now, but it will only last until 2015, so why don´t you wait?”…I said to myself, sure, its good business, wait till june, pay once and have the passport for 10 years. I read the webpages and called before adventuring, you know, to learn what you will encounter. They told me that they started operating at 7:30am, so I arrived last thursday at 7am to find a hellish line of people waiting. No one really told me what to do, no officials in sight, so a cop, in the most displeasing way (oh man I hate cops…) told me to go and get a copy of my ID, make the line and hand it in so they can give me an appointment date? WTF, there was a block letter sign in the webpage “You don´t need appointment”.

It was already 11am and the line was starting to end when the same fucking cop stood in front of me…well not me, like 4 dudes ahead of me and said in a loud, cunty voice “That’s it for today, no more attending, come back tomorrow morning” Are you serious?! If they are making appointment, why the fuck can´t they give me some date to come back, no matter when just give me one! Well no…they didn´t I had to get there, at 5am the next morning…to find already 70 people making a fucking line!

This time they received my damn copy of the ID, at 10:45am and told me to come back the 21st. The same damn cop stood in fron of a family a couple of people after me and said “No more for today”…fuck, guess I was lucky…or was I?

I arrived at 5am again yesterday…after in immense line it was 12pm and I was in the inner circle…3 days I have had to ask my boss for permission and she was, with reason, started doubting my truthfulness of the endeavour, thus who the hell takes 3 days to get a passport?

 Now I asked for the whole morning of thursday and it was already noon and seemed to have a lot of waiting ahead of me. At 1pm I was in the inner circle and they gave me a ticket to wait my turn. C-07 it said. I was like, it not so bad, they are at 02 in the screen…then the lady beside me crushed my hopes when she said “Sure 02…B-02. You have for the screen to reset itself after it gets to 99” WHAAAAAT? I then called my boss and told her that I wouldn´t be arriving anywhere near 2pm. She was kind of pissed and said “Well is better for you to take the rest of the day than to ask for another permission any other day”. With that said she was implying -Don´t you dare to ask for another permission.

It was 4:40pm when the fucking screen displayed my number. They took my picture and all the crap when the clerk said “Well, we are done, but you have to come tomorrow so we can give you the invoice so you can go and pay up at the bank”…waaaait, are serious? I blanched and told, didn’t ask…told her in a firm voice “I hope you are yanking my chain, I am NOT wasting any more time in this! It has been 3 fucking days, I can´t ask for another permission at the office, come on! Help me out!”…As Kathryn would say “That clerk was a cunt!”…”Who´s probelm is that? Do I need a passport or do you need it”…Well fuck you, or better said I was fucked.

I asked to talk to the office manager when my boss called me pretty pissed off because some shit that I had to dealt with…was not done (The day before was a holiday). Some chinese were suppose to deliver 7 containers of stuff through X shipping company, but that shipping company never send the empty container to be filled with out material. So how the hell is that my fault? First off, that is the shippers fault, second, the negotiation is FOB (free on board) meaning, I don´t give a fuck how you do it, you get my cargo on board or I won´t pay you. So how is that my fault damn it? But I was not in her presence, looking at her face to face to tell her that, no I was in the damn passport office with a granted permission given to me by THAT woman, so how the hell would I scream back at her?…I HATE having to lower my damn head when is not MY fault. So now I am pissed, and talked to a very nice office manager, who understood why I was raging and told me that I could come at noon, during my lunch time and make the errand of the payment. Now that is a solution! That is what people want damn it, solutions, I don´t want a cunt clerk telling me basically to go fuck myself.

Finally I get out of there and starting jogging to the bus stop to get to the office to show my face and show them that I care about the container problem and that I will do everything in my power to find a solution, when I get to the station, I didn´t recharged my damn card and the line to recharge the card is huge! FUUUUCK…had to jog a bit more and take a damn cab.

Good news is that I went today at noon and got the invoice, paid it and got done with the whole passport hassle! But trust me, I was exhausted last night, I was standing for more than 7 hours, that makes ANYONE cranky!


National pride

I have always felt the same way about national pride as much as for religion pride AND my birth day…why say happy birthday to someone? Because they were born? Sure you beat the shit out of half a billion other damn sperm goons, but that sperm was not YOU, it was going to be  part of you and YOU didn’t control it, so YOU didn’t achieved shit. Why should you celebrate a day that you didn’t even chose! Some people were born in the day the doctor though it would be better, so they cut your mother’s belly open and took you out by force…why celebrate that? Or is it because you feel special to be brought into a world you never asked to be brought into in the first place?

This and the patriotic shenanigans are the same. If you are a Jap or an American or whatever, is because of a coincidence, fate if you will. Shit you should be proud of  things YOU earn by your own wits, will power, strength, etc. People go change their nationality on their on willing conscious decision…Now THAT is more patriotic that being born in certain country, they shoved their designated country aside and CHOSE a new country to be part of, to defend, to help build…that is patriotic. Now any moron that just for the fact that he was born is X part says “I am proud to be an X” thats bullshit…

What about religion pride? I was raised a catholic because of the region I was born in. I am sure if I was born in Japan and had japanese parents I would have grown up to be a Shintoist, but no, this was the religion I was given, without a choice, being forced to attend to bible class every Sunday and go to church, read the bible and all the things a Catholic do. I continued to be a catholic until I decided what I really believed in…and THAT is an achievement and I feel proud of it. I think and choose by myself, that is outstanding in a  world where the majority just follow the current, do what they are told to do and think what they are suppose to think.

I am proud to be a Human being with well used intelligence that is law abiding, that cares for other GOOD fellow human beings and that continuous to live on and do the better out of this life without harming or trespassing other people life and dreams.

So yeah final though…be proud of who you are, what you have achieved by your own means, not about shit that happened by chance.

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