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excel macros are awesome

 Sure I have heard about Macros before, but just as comments and knew that Excel had that tool but it was, as so many other tools in Excel, something that is there but have no idea of its uses.

I love it too!

I love it too!

I have to agree with many people out there that say that Excel is a super powerful tool, how did we survived without it? Poor people before worksheets, doing everything manually…YUCK

A guy at work is quite a wiz in Excel and tough me the Macros tool option. Basically what is does is that it records all the movements and operation you do in a worksheet so that you can, afterwards, just click on an icon and see how everything is done by itself just the way you did before.

With the change of ERP I am in charge of migrating all the info from the old system into the new crappy one, so that means working a lot with Excel and doing and redoing the same thing over and over. I was getting good at it, but still it was time-consuming. This guy showed me Macros and now I record only once the process and then…just one click!

It’s so awesome that right now its working on the background while I write on my blog…It means that I am still earning my pay, just that the PC is doing it for me and I can use the free time to write…wow ain´t that precious?


Holy Cow time flies!

Wow we are already in the 21st day of October? And what is even sadder, this would be my first post of the month…what the hell?!

Well the reason is work because for the first time in a long time they have me by the balls because we are changing ERP software, meaning we have to migrate all the old database into the new software and you can imagine, both software are not compatible at all, so we have to do everything the old fashion way. Put all the info from the old one in a spread sheet THEN use a tool to migrate, check and categorize in the new one and just open the dam doors and let the flow of water run free. When I mean water I mean mistakes, errors and other nasty things the new software shoots at us because we are feeding it with crap. The best part is that my company kindly named me “leader” of this stupid process meaning not only I have to fence with this stupid unlimited flow of flaws but also have to face raging bosses, nagging users and a heap ton of douchy people telling me how awful the new software is and how they prefered the old one. They are facing the common “change defiance” that commoners experiment when their tiny little brains have to deal with changes in their pitiful and meaningless lives…sad

But what is even more fun is how the users launch AT ME…they snap and start yelling at me like I was the one that designed the software or if it was me who decided to put them under stress or maybe I made the mistakes appear just as an october prank. “Well no mister idiot, I am just the messenger!” I have nothing to do with it, so shut your yap and just tell me whats wrong with it so I can rely the message to the pertinent incompetent bastards who designed this pice of garbage they call ERP. Classic thought, throughout the history, poor damn messenger is the one that gets killed, tortured or raped because they bring dire news…how is that HIS fault? Why skin him and send his head back? It was the damn Shogun, Lord, King or whatever who MADE the message, he just took a horse and delivered it.

So anyhow…my dreamy vacations is the only thing that keeps me waking up and dealing with all this shit…specially because my boss seems to have taken a lot of hate for the during the last couple of weeks. I still have not figure out what I do or did to make her hate me (other than prove again and again how idiot she is without saying it straight to her face).

Ahh but something good happened. One of the reasons I have decided not to have any kids of my own, at least not for now, is because if I ever do have a kid I will give him/her everything I was given or better. I was placed in one of the best schools and universities in my city to sadly end up in a job where I earn shit and in no way could place a kid in such good schools. I can´t deny that my stupid hormone clock or whatever is started to tick and makes me see kids in a new way.

Ain´t she cute?

Ain´t she cute?

 Some years ago I looked at them as pests now I see them as a cute bundle of joy…not all but some at least. One of my friends that does have a girl of 3, introduced her to me 2 weeks ago and since then I fell in love with her cuteness and adopted her as my “niece” and will definitely fight my position as godfather when they decide to baptise her. She now calls me uncle and last time when we said goodbye she hugged me…man SO cute!

Now the bad news is that her dad (my friend) has started a new job in a whole different city from my own and won´t be coming back until december for the holidays, meaning I won´t be able to see her until then (or it would be way too creepy if I did)…  😦



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