coming back

Its been couple of weeks since I last made an entry. Reasons vary but the most true ones are lack of positivism (Being in the brink of depression really made me don´t give a fuck about a lot of things) and things at work.

So to recap the most important facts that have happened:

So it is now a fact that my trip will be done in November starting from the 15th. A lot of gray thoughts, as grey as surely the sky will be in Germany, try tu haunt me, but I fence them with “We might actually enjoy a bit of snow for a change!” and just trying to find the good stuff about little things, like for instance. I screwed up in the reservation of a hotel and gave dates of a month earlier. Imagine what would have been my surprise when I arrive there and BOOM no room and worst of all, because a no show up, I would have ended up paying the whole account! SO…yeah thanks to the change of dates in the trip I found out about the mistake and now everything is fine. Also, due to the VERY terrible flight schedule for the near dates, I will have to stay one day and night in Dallas, so making the best of it, I guess I will be getting to know a bit of the city!

Now the crappy part is what I have found out, in my own lilttle espionage way. After I question certain key people I found out, tying pieces together, that my boss made a personal quest and life goal the changing of my trip, not because of work, oh no no no…because she was resentful, partially due to certain comments of people, that “her lackey (I am using that word, there would have been hell to pay if she would have actually used it!) was going to Europe before she even left the country for vacation” and to top all that up, “because she was very mad that I went and bought the plane ticket without consulting her in advance, even though the ticket was purchased 6 months in advanced AND I told her about it the very nest day I bought it!” SO yeah! She was so stingy about I me forgetting “who is the boss” that she actually made up some work and excuse of why she needed me here in order to convince the higher ups to PAY for the change of itinerary and well of course, screw me up…just to teach me a lesson!  Isn´t that just lovely?

Hell when I learnt about this I was very close to just marching into her office and throwing my letter of resignation in her face! But once again, I shall not play with my food…therefore I will keep this into my vault of “due vendettas” for the near future, when everything, probably, gets fucked up, due to her madness in changing dates. I will taste the sweet words “TOLD YOU SO BIATCH!” when the day comes!

For now well, I am already preparing for the winter in Europe, bought the new winter jackets and all the stuff, changed the hotel reservations, etc.


4 Responses to “coming back”

  1. September 29, 2011 at 3:36 am

    Wow. Just Wow. Your boss is a psycho. How pathetic. But you know, what goes around comes around. People at your company know what happened here, and who made it happen. They’ll remember it. And she’ll get bitten on the ass when she least expects it. Your best revenge is to have an awesome trip, despite her meddling, and rub her face in it. I’ll bet she is a really unhappy person to act like that, don’t let her drag you down with her.

    • 2 creepo
      September 30, 2011 at 11:18 am

      Hahaha that was just what I was planning to do…when getting back I will surely talk about my trip to everyone and give them their tipical trip treat and for her no sweets…for her I will make a print out of a photo in big size of the most great tourist atraction I see in the trip with my signature saying “With LOVE!”

  2. September 29, 2011 at 8:36 pm

    Those words will indeed taste very very sweet. A “Youtube moment” right there. 😉

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