Do your best always

Always do you best at everything, otherwise don’t even try to do it because either you are going to fail or do a half assed job -> As Chris tells it (I think..maybe not the exact words).

I agree in that statement, if I am going to do something, I am going to do it fast, I am going to do it right and I will concentrate to do it well and give it my best.

The problem? We can’t always win…I wish I could, I wish I could say “every time I do something with my all I always do it right!” Hell I would really feel high if that could be true, but no…I am not immune to human error, to maybe not having my head in the right place when I was doing that task and whatever reason it might have been…I make mistakes and that pisses me off. 99% of the times when something goes wrong it was not my doing, someone else can point a finger in other direction and maybe the data that was given to me was wrong from the beginning. Nearly every time I can have an inner smile while saying “Yeah you are right, that is wrong, but if you look again, look who did it, if you follow the train of though of my work you can never have that outcome…see? The poor person who did this is wrong, not me”

All these “I am right” boosts my ego…problem? Yeah the 1% of the times when I am wrong makes my ego sink like a freaking Jap battle ship in the pacific in 1944. First is the shock “Wait what? Something must be wrong some place else…let me check again” the awe make me feel like an ass because I can´t believe it is me and when in reality it WAS me is like the cocky fucker got had…yeah I can feel the inner smile of whoever told me “Yup you MOFO…you ARE WRONG!”. After the shock I just feel like crap and admit my mistake and proceed immediately to correct it and I hate the times that I can’t get to the correcting part in full force because I am in a meeting or on the street…if that happens I will sit there not paying attention to anything and start  reviewing everything in my head to find where I screwed up, on how the hell did I screwed up and what I have to do to never do that mistake again…usually during meetings I will look overly concentrated on what people are saying when in reality I am someplace else in my head.

Yeah…today I screwed up…it was me! I hate it, made my day crap and even crappier because the mistake was dumb, only dumb people oversee that kind of mistakes, it was “I review too quickly and missed it” kind of thing…something like 4+4=9, everyone knows is wrong but if you read it too quickly and are not concentrated enough you might just process it as something right, because after all…I would never do that mistake, would I?…fuck

Does anyone else have a similar problem dealing with wrong doings?


2 Responses to “Do your best always”

  1. September 6, 2011 at 10:09 pm

    “I just feel like crap and admit my mistake and proceed immediately to correct it and I hate the times that I can’t get to the correcting part in full force”

    I like to fix my misses b4 anyone even realizes it if possible so having to wait to address the miss is a huge stress for me to.

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