visa or not visa? That is the question…

Very well, so it went down like this. I planned the trip with a lot of time, in part because I am a big freak when it comes to organization and second, just to prevent shit to go wrong. With this trip I was reminded that no matter how much you prepare, shit will still go wrong, so fuck it…just plan the essentials, the rest will unwrap itself.

So the trip was to last 1o hours in the bus, meaning that if we left town at 8:20pm we would be arriving at the capital at 6:30am more or less. Everything started normally boring, we were going well on time when the shit striked. A big bad accident made all the roads to be closed so the emergency response could get to the site quicker. For 2 hours the path was closed! I was getting neurotic, if calculations were right, 2 hours stuck in traffic meant we would miss our appointment!

I am an impatient man, I won´t deny it, I have trying working on it, but its hard to fight something that seems it part of me, a part that I dislike, but a part of me all the same. So I am freaking out thinking “Ok, damage control now what?” my GF tried to calm me down with truthfulness “Well, fist, we don´t know if we are going to be late or not, you are guessing and calculating that we are going to miss the appointment, but you are not sure and second, why worry if you can´t do anything about it”. Just after she said that a dude 2 rows behind us started calling to get a plane ticket for 6am to be in the capital at 8am departing from the last town we passed by. I heard him say “yeah ok, thank you” and tell the guy beside him he was tacking the plane. My small tranquility went to hell, “should I do the same”? I started asking myself. Man I love my GF, she saw my face getting worried and she told me “The guy is nuts, not only he will be spending a lot more, but now how the hell is he going to get to the last town we were at? All traffic is closed anyhow!”…so true!

Anyway, thanks to my PSP I calmed my nerves and after 2 hours the traffic started moving again. Couldn´t really sleep, busses are not meant for people taller than 6′. I really felt uncomfortable! If I slept 2 hours in a row it was a miracle. I was up and about at 4am, damn it. I fall asleep at 5:30 again.

When I opened my eyes at 6:10am we were in the capital city! Now how on earth did we or the driver achieved that? I have no idea, not a clue, but it did. We got to the terminal at 7am, we were able to get a decent breakfast and to walk all the way to the embassy and still be on time!

Things in the embassy seems to go alright, but I didn´t know I had to take with me a letter from my employer saying I was granted vacations, like a vacation certificate. Why on earth did they even care? Well after some though, the vacations are a way of making sure I am not going to quit my job and stay in their country, but still, even if that was my plan, a vacation certificate can´t stop me from doing it, so its pointless. Anyhow, I was told that my visa wouldn´t not be processed until I get them the letter.

Right now I already asked for my vacations to my boss in a written form to what she said “I will have to talk to my boss about it before I approve it”…wait what? She already agreed on it like 2 months ago, why pull this shit on me now? Meeeeh…good thing I plan everything in advanced and the trip is in October, so she can take a few days deciding if she wants.

OH, BUT BUT…I found out that even if I would have taken a flight to the capital I would have been screwed, because the airport was closed until 10am! That means I was meant to be in that bus and that poor fellow who panicked got screwed…the teaching of the story? Easy mate: Prepare the essentials and know that your eventualities will occur: nothing is carved on rock. Also don´t panic, things tend to fix themselves or the solution is simpler than you think. Be patient! Patience is improtant…I really have to learn that last one.


4 Responses to “visa or not visa? That is the question…”

  1. August 18, 2011 at 8:56 pm

    I have no patience either. Even if the train is a few minutes late, I start freaking. I guess it’s all about wanting to have control.

    • 2 creepo
      August 19, 2011 at 7:53 am

      Thinking about that…I guess you are right. By planning over and over things I feel I am in control, when stuff go out of what was planned, like delays…they shatter my sense of control and makes me freak out!

      I guess I will have to work on that!

  2. August 20, 2011 at 10:10 am

    “With this trip I was reminded that no matter how much you prepare, shit will still go wrong, so fuck it…just plan the essentials, the rest will unwrap itself.”

    Same law applies to lesson planning for English classes 😉

    • 4 creepo
      August 22, 2011 at 12:24 pm

      Hahaha…I guess it applies to nearly everything you want to control/plan…in the end it all goes to the can and we all end up improvising in the best “Who’s line is it anyway” kind of way

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