i don´t know how should I feel

Should I feel glad that I was heard or bad because the solution came too late?

Maybe, just maybe…at least in my dream world in my head: My pleads were heard. After the tragic events that happened trying to get my passport issued I made a lot of complaints to different news papers and to the authorities. I really want to believe that I was actually heard and that is was not all just by chance.

I have read in the news yesterday that they will start using a new finger ID machine starting this monday to give appointments. This means they have cancelled the stupid line of 5 hours just to be told when you had to really come to wait another 8 hours. With this machine, you just have to dedicate 5 minutes or your time placing your fingerprint and it will automatically give you a date: They did even a small study of how long they take to process 1 passport, made a really easy calculation of how many people they can really sort out in one day and placed a cap meaning that the long 8 hour wait will be reduced to just 5 hours hahaha…but it’s something, they stepped up.

So again, from the question at the beginning, I would really like to feel glad that I was heard…but the truth, as life is just like that: It was meant to happen even if I complaint or not…so I will feel bad because the measures were made AFTER I had to live through that ordeal…daaaaaamn


2 Responses to “i don´t know how should I feel”

  1. August 4, 2011 at 9:30 am

    People power! If only someone else had done what you’d done, before you did it, so you didn’t need to go through that. But, feel proud, you made a difference. Not everyone can say they’ve done that.

    • 2 creepo
      August 5, 2011 at 8:37 am

      Yeah, I guess I can tell that miself that and feel better 😀

      Ohh I know what you mean…if only. Each own world is filled with “if only” right? Good thing is that no matter how terrible things are, they eventually end and afterwards you can look back on them and sometimes, just sometimes, they don´t seem that bad. The real trick is to learn to deal with unconfortable things 🙂

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