It is just not my week

And yesterday was def. not my day!

SO my passport expired in May. I went to renew it in June and in less than an hour I was already in the inner ring of the office when a clerk told me that the new mechanic reading passport would be out in July. They told me “We can issue the old one now, but it will only last until 2015, so why don´t you wait?”…I said to myself, sure, its good business, wait till june, pay once and have the passport for 10 years. I read the webpages and called before adventuring, you know, to learn what you will encounter. They told me that they started operating at 7:30am, so I arrived last thursday at 7am to find a hellish line of people waiting. No one really told me what to do, no officials in sight, so a cop, in the most displeasing way (oh man I hate cops…) told me to go and get a copy of my ID, make the line and hand it in so they can give me an appointment date? WTF, there was a block letter sign in the webpage “You don´t need appointment”.

It was already 11am and the line was starting to end when the same fucking cop stood in front of me…well not me, like 4 dudes ahead of me and said in a loud, cunty voice “That’s it for today, no more attending, come back tomorrow morning” Are you serious?! If they are making appointment, why the fuck can´t they give me some date to come back, no matter when just give me one! Well no…they didn´t I had to get there, at 5am the next morning…to find already 70 people making a fucking line!

This time they received my damn copy of the ID, at 10:45am and told me to come back the 21st. The same damn cop stood in fron of a family a couple of people after me and said “No more for today”…fuck, guess I was lucky…or was I?

I arrived at 5am again yesterday…after in immense line it was 12pm and I was in the inner circle…3 days I have had to ask my boss for permission and she was, with reason, started doubting my truthfulness of the endeavour, thus who the hell takes 3 days to get a passport?

 Now I asked for the whole morning of thursday and it was already noon and seemed to have a lot of waiting ahead of me. At 1pm I was in the inner circle and they gave me a ticket to wait my turn. C-07 it said. I was like, it not so bad, they are at 02 in the screen…then the lady beside me crushed my hopes when she said “Sure 02…B-02. You have for the screen to reset itself after it gets to 99” WHAAAAAT? I then called my boss and told her that I wouldn´t be arriving anywhere near 2pm. She was kind of pissed and said “Well is better for you to take the rest of the day than to ask for another permission any other day”. With that said she was implying -Don´t you dare to ask for another permission.

It was 4:40pm when the fucking screen displayed my number. They took my picture and all the crap when the clerk said “Well, we are done, but you have to come tomorrow so we can give you the invoice so you can go and pay up at the bank”…waaaait, are serious? I blanched and told, didn’t ask…told her in a firm voice “I hope you are yanking my chain, I am NOT wasting any more time in this! It has been 3 fucking days, I can´t ask for another permission at the office, come on! Help me out!”…As Kathryn would say “That clerk was a cunt!”…”Who´s probelm is that? Do I need a passport or do you need it”…Well fuck you, or better said I was fucked.

I asked to talk to the office manager when my boss called me pretty pissed off because some shit that I had to dealt with…was not done (The day before was a holiday). Some chinese were suppose to deliver 7 containers of stuff through X shipping company, but that shipping company never send the empty container to be filled with out material. So how the hell is that my fault? First off, that is the shippers fault, second, the negotiation is FOB (free on board) meaning, I don´t give a fuck how you do it, you get my cargo on board or I won´t pay you. So how is that my fault damn it? But I was not in her presence, looking at her face to face to tell her that, no I was in the damn passport office with a granted permission given to me by THAT woman, so how the hell would I scream back at her?…I HATE having to lower my damn head when is not MY fault. So now I am pissed, and talked to a very nice office manager, who understood why I was raging and told me that I could come at noon, during my lunch time and make the errand of the payment. Now that is a solution! That is what people want damn it, solutions, I don´t want a cunt clerk telling me basically to go fuck myself.

Finally I get out of there and starting jogging to the bus stop to get to the office to show my face and show them that I care about the container problem and that I will do everything in my power to find a solution, when I get to the station, I didn´t recharged my damn card and the line to recharge the card is huge! FUUUUCK…had to jog a bit more and take a damn cab.

Good news is that I went today at noon and got the invoice, paid it and got done with the whole passport hassle! But trust me, I was exhausted last night, I was standing for more than 7 hours, that makes ANYONE cranky!


6 Responses to “It is just not my week”

  1. July 22, 2011 at 11:53 pm

    What is with that passport office? I did mine by post and they even called me when my picture was wrong (I was smiling, which is bad apparently. No I don’t get why either, maybe because no one ever smiles at immigration officers.) Your boss is a patient woman, not many bosses would have believed you. Next week will be better, surely? Fingers crossed. The good news is that you have totally earned a cold beer and a sit down. 😀

    • 2 creepo
      July 23, 2011 at 1:22 pm

      Well I guess I didn’t had to worry about smiling in the picture…I was so cranky that I am quite sure that I might even pass as an excon and have problems in immigration all over the world 😛

      And you are right…yesterday I had a beer, watched Sherlock Holmes for the third time, enjoyed the music and well…slept today till noon

  2. July 23, 2011 at 6:56 am

    OMG that’s insane. In Australia, you do most of it online now and just go into the post office to pay and do the official shit. Took me 10 mins!

    • 4 creepo
      July 23, 2011 at 1:23 pm

      It is said that is because they changed the type of passport and they are “getting shit together” but if it involves government officials and not private company people, things AND people are gonna slag.

  3. July 23, 2011 at 7:59 am

    My week sucked…but yours sounds worse!!

    • 6 creepo
      July 23, 2011 at 1:25 pm

      Hey, good news…the douche bag that broke the car window did paid for it, its now changed…but the dent made by his truck is still there…its small, but is like the awkward secret between you and someone else, you try to ignore it, but you know it is still there and bothers you till no end.

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