The curse of cars.

One of the greatest inventions, people might say: Cars, they are everyday getting better, safer even more comfy. Once you own a car you understand it is not a right but a damn luxury.

A car is like a dog, it will be there for you wherever you want to go, but you must always pamper it. Costs that come with a car are so damn high! Gas (which is in a terrible place now with all the oil prices in the clouds), change of oil and maintenance, insurance (Not having one is just bad business, I can even begin to imagine the pain in your gut when you come out of your favourite restaurant to find an empty space where you car used to be), taxes and all the shit that comes out from a third-party stupidity.

That last cost is the one that made me write today. I don´t own a car now, I can´t afford the luxury, I have to take public transport (That thanks to heavens that it has become bearable in my city) and walk to my every destination. I have a sister that owns a car and a brother-in-law that has the same curse. A curse that sometimes is given to me as a loan. On Saturday I had to pick up a center table for my GF, wife, partner for like (meh…you know the name to that special someone who has no ring nor signed any papers) so her brother offer me his car, which I happily accepted because transporting that table in a cab would have been a pain in the ass.

Anyhow, from the moment I touched the damn infernal contraption I felt that a bad mojo was hanging in the air. Seems the car hated me and felt the chills when I touched it. “It was working fine” I was told, but from the moment I twisted that key in the ignition, things went wrong. The speedometer went dead…WTF, it was always in a flat 0, but it was working before…crap.

I know how to drive a stick, I learnt in one and have always driven one with manual gear, but this miserable piece of junk would choke 1 of every 4 attempts of starting off with the first shift. “It must be that I am not used to this engine and car…I can not believe I am this green!”

Things went well despite all that, I got the table and deliver it safely at my GF’s house, parked in the driveway in front of a truck. I was then watching a football match when I hear a neighbour knock on the door and give us the terrible news “Hey man, that truck just crashed your car and drove away!”…my luck couldn´t be grimmer. I jogged to the parking spot to find the rear windshield smashed to little pieces. No note of apology not even a positive ID of the culprit. Now I have to worry about burglars and rain BESIDES the damn accident, just great.

The result of the accident

The result of the accident

A ray of hope came in, a woman walking by that lives across the street told us “I know the man, he lives around here!” she said. Sadly she just knew him by face and the truck, but not his name nor his house.I had to stand watch for the rest of the day until the man arrived. I asked around and got a name but no house, so I called the cops and they sent a patrol man who said raising his palms “There is nothing I can do, I can´t go knocking on every house to see if he lives there…all you can do is go to the station and make a report. After all, I could do something if it would have happend now, but because it happened hours ago, is your word against his” so I said “We have witnesses!” to waht he said “It doesn´t matter right now, you can take those people to the station afterwards”…yeah good luck with that! To protect and to serve…FUCK YOU!

Finally the guy came, so I ran to intercept him. He was surprised but admitted his guilt, lame excuse after another, promised he would take care of it. I just called him and told him the price of the fix and he said “Wow that is expensive, I don´t know if I can afford all that, I am in a bad place right now” GOD FUC*** DAM* if you can´t pay it don´t ruin it shit brains!….Now I will try to get to  a middle ground, make him pay something, at least he placing of the damn windshield.

The culprit

All I know now is that I shall never ask for another car again, even less one with no DAMN insurance!


4 Responses to “The curse of cars.”

  1. July 18, 2011 at 8:40 pm

    What a worthless piece of shit neighbor. Slash all his fucking tires late Sunday night to fucking bork his busy Monday.
    Paybacks a bitch…or an asshole (me)

    • 2 creepo
      July 18, 2011 at 10:04 pm

      Ohhh trust me…I will get my payback either in cash or in sweet revenge. I have to wait, either for him to get the money or for shit to cool off and not get related to the future assault to his truck…a windshield for a windshield and I will even toss in 4 slashed tires to that!

  2. July 19, 2011 at 1:17 am

    It’s stories like this which make me doubt having a car is a good idea. You’d understand if you saw the state of my bicycle! And I’m dangerous enough cycling around this little city! I really hope he pays up, just to give me faith in human kind. In any case, what goes around comes around, something will happen to him that makes him regret not being more careful. Thank you for the lovely comments on my blog, you’re giving me more power for training!

    • 4 creepo
      July 19, 2011 at 10:08 am

      And thank you for posting and reading! Keep strong Sarah and ebat that marathon to the ground!

      I also don´t want to loose faith in humanity, specially when the guy admitted his fault. I know he is in a bad place, I could see in his dressing and the state of his truck…but as I told Chris in his last post…”One has to man up and admit when he does a wrong”. I still regret a little about leaving the what comes around-goes around punishment to a man that deserved a bad beating and I do hope I don´t have to go eye for an eye on this fellow…so unless he REALLY shows compromise and even if he doesn´t has the money shows willingles, everything will be forgiven…if not -STOP – hammer time (to his windshield)

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