New president and more dumb accusations

Today in Honduras the new elected president ‘Pepe’ Lobo has started his duties as president, swore in front of the congress and all that monkey business, meaning that from today forth, the “De facto” regime of Michelleti is finally over. But Michelleti and the top core of the Honduras military was far from being fingered as the “evil” of the country, au contraire, Michelleti was named by the congress as a “deputy for life” for his “great work in favor of his country” and Romeo Vasquez, Honduras’ military chief of  staff and all the other military high commands were subject of a “trail” (although it was more of a show than a trial) and were found innocent and in full righteousness when they decided to act against the former president Zelaya. Lobo has given Zelaya a “pass” that will give him the chance to leave the country legally to Dominican Republic as a “distinguished guest” instead of an exile, as Micheletti first approach tried to offer. All this means that Honduras seem to finally move on and forget all this drama.

On other news we have another charade. In both December and January Venezuela accused Colombia of spying them with planes. First they said that in December a UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle), or a plane with no pilot, flew over an army base, AT NIGHT, for over 20 minutes. They said that the soldiers SAW the plane and could guarantee it was unmanned AND was Colombian, despite the pitch black night. After such crazy accusations on January Venezuela tried again saying that this time it was a normal plane with the Colombian flag printed on its tail. They said that they requested several times for it to desist and stop invading Venezuela air space and was not shot down in order to “avoid” a crisis. Now let us understand one thing, the air space of each country is like their soil or even more important. When a unidentified air craft is caught trespassing some countries air space, such country has the right to shoot it down, no questions asked. I am not saying that if the aircraft flies by mistake over a country that gives the country the right to shoot it immediately, they must try and establish communication to decide  if it was all a mistake or if in fact it’s a spy, and once that is done, they CAN shoot it down and who ever was the handler of the craft will have to answer to the purpose of the mission.

So in the end, if they find an aircraft that is “casually” flying over a military base for over 20 minutes and even after trying to contact them by radio they don’t desist, then for Christ sake, shoot it down! AND then with the proof start pointing fingers and accusing other, not just with the pretext of “I saw it” as kids do when they swear on their lives they saw Big Foot.

All this stupidity was nothing new coming from the same simian cretins that accuses the US, with no proof whatsoever, of being responsible of causing the earthquake that destroyed Haiti with “new tech weapons”. What is a surprise is that Colombia do the same exact demented and imbecile accusations with no proof as Venezuela did. They are now saying that a heli, a Huey to be more precise, flew over a military base for over 20 minutes and was not shot down to avoid a crisis. Crisis my ass! Leave the lame excuses to kids and dumb people, but don’t go accusing others with no proof. We need to be completely disassociated with the idiotic neighbours in Venezuela, we must always show them and the world that we are different, that we DO have brains and don’t bully others just because. It really grind my gears to be compared to these people and their methods!

As a final note I just wanted to write about the OTHER insult Chavez made. I mean you can trash talk about Bolivar, after all he was Venezuelan, so use him and his legacy, prostitute him as you please for your demented goals and monkey revolution, but the worse insult is to use other figures to achieve his means . The psychotic deluded pseudo revolutionary idiot of Chavez, dare to use a Colombian citizen catch phrase, one that went into history books, a true “mass leader’s” words. Jorge Eliécer Gaitán was a Colombian popular leader who was fighting for the “people’s” rights. Was such a threat to the white collars that he was murdered, and his catch phrase was “I am not a man, I am its people and the people is greater than their leaders”. I hope he does not twist and turn in his grave knowing that his ideas and words are now being used by this maniac in pro of some reactionary goal.


1 Response to “New president and more dumb accusations”

  1. 1 ll
    January 30, 2010 at 2:31 am

    damn!! Finally!!!

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