The MCB and Zelaya

First and forth most we have a new “democratic” party formed in our neighbour country Venezuela, the “Movimiento Continental Bolivariano” (Bolivian Continental Movement) or MCB from now on to make it short. It is a movement that claims will fight for freedom, the memory and struggle of Simon Bolivar (South American most renowned freedom fighter), fight against the “evil claws” of the empire as they call it (meaning US) and spread their social and political views and some other big pile of bull’s dung.

Yesterday they made a conference not only to inform the party’s creation but also to incite the people to “fight” against the empire, to tell the world that they will help, backup and support insurgent groups like the guerrilla FARC in Colombia. Their representative Yul Jabour requested Alfonso Cano, the actual FARC leader, to become the leader of the new MCB party (Cano afterwards sent a video accepting such duty). Jabour also “honoured” the memory of Luis Édgar Devia AKA ‘Raul Reyes’ (a former ringleader of FARC), who was killed during the Colombian commando operation ‘Jaque’ (Check in chess vocabulary) and Manuel Marulanda AKA ‘Tiro Fijo’ (Former leader of FARC) who died of natural causes.

Ok so that is that, we have a parade of clowns that are arguing that they will fight against the US and name them, just like Chavez, as the evil empire (Shit is like watching a Star Wars movie), and have openly declared they will support a guerrilla faction. It seems they forget who the evil doers are, they have their own name and that is clearly FARC! This insurgent group has an unknown agenda; they claim to fight for the people of Colombia and against the “aristocrats” of the country for equal rights. So they say, but they use drug dealing to sustain their war, they kidnap, they murder and massacre innocent people, blow out town, force children underage to join and kill (like in Somalia and Congo) and so many other atrocities. Their acts are so terrible that Europe, US, ONU, OEA and God knows what other countries and groups have declared them as a terrorist group. It is so outrageous that these cretins go public announcing and clearly feeling proud to support such a group and ask their leader to be their leader in their circus act called MCB that will try to begin a freak show under the political lights.

Now for my well being, to slow down my blood pressure that is now rising just writing about this miserable sewer vermin I will now declare that I was wrong. In a post that I wrote couple of days ago I said that the only way that Manuel ‘Jones’ Zelaya would ever leave the Brazilian embassy was either with handcuffs, rescued by a Venezuelan commando unit or in a body bag. Today I was proven wrong.

The Mexico government has shown pity for the former (and humiliated) president of Honduras and will arrange a plain that will take him to Mexico where he will then seek exile somewhere else (Venezuela or Brazil I am guessing). It seems he has applied or already owns a permit or a safe conduct that will allow him to leave the country. Now the how or who gave him such luxury, I have no idea.

Either the country is in such a hurry to get their act together that they are willing to ‘ignore’ the fact that he is a criminal, that has to face trial, just to get rid of him and his persona that represent a black omen for Honduras, or some obscure treaty has been signed. The fact is that his humiliation is now complete (Like the ‘circle’ when Obi Wan confronted Darth Vader), in a tacit way he has declared that he lost in every possible way and now, with his tail between his legs like a stray dog, has to flee the country. Either way, in a very street slang way of saying it, “he got served”


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  1. October 12, 2011 at 4:33 am

    Aw, this was a really good quality post. In theory I’d like to write just like that too – taking time and real effort to make a excellent article… but what can I say… I procrastinate alot and also certainly not seem to get something done.

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