The beginning of the end for 2009

As far as I am concerned, real Christmas season starts on the 8th and we can all start saying “Merry Christmas to you” on the 14th. Why? I don’t know, I just see it fit. The 8th is a good date to think that everything is turning “Christmassy” but yet too early to start “spreading the joy” and the 14th is not too late to end up the smiles previous to the goodbye with the joyous wishes.

Many things have changed this year and I hope to make a list near the end of the year, for now I just say that at least the world economical recession seems that is coming to an end.

For now the most important conference around the world is the Global Climate change conference in Copenhagen. It is hard to give any real estimates, but I am not entirely into the “we are causing a massive change in global temperature”, I mean I do agree it is changing, but how much is it due to normal earthly changes that occur over the years and how much is human doing? Hard to say, but seems for some it is easy, we are totally responsible and the game plan is to scare the shit out of everyone in order to change our “ways”. I guess for humans to really understand something is either with blood and tears or with true horror, so it is a good approach, we do need to change and care for our planet because no matter how small or big our meddling with mother earth is, it is our fault in the end and should be responsible about it. I am all for going green, saving energy and water, using the most economical car there is and if I can change it into a hybrid car with gas or water or whatever, well bring it on!

Things must transcend from words into actions, that is true wisdom and may God grant us all the wisdom we can afford.


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