Zelaya and Afghanistan

Yesterday the 2nd of December, the congress in Honduras had the meeting that so many people around the globe were anxious to hear. This meeting’s goal was to decide if Manuel Zelaya was going to be reinstituted into presidential duties or not.

There was no surprise whatsoever when both the meeting and decision, which was being broadcast, reached the verdict that it is impossible to grant Zelaya his restitution due to his law infractions that lead to the coupe back in June. In theory he is an outlaw and cannot leave the Brazilian embassy or he will be arrested for the charges of abuse of power and treason to the nation, just to name a few. Again as I said, no surprise there, the congress was the one that arranged the coupe along with the national army and the congress was the one that appointed Micheletti as the de facto president so it would have been rather odd that they would just show a change of heart during this meeting. But we have to consider as well that such a meeting was agreed upon by both sides of the conflict (Zelaya and Micheletti) as the 5th article of the Tegucigalpa-San Jose agreement stated: Zelaya will be reinstituted back to power only if the congress after an extraordinary meeting decides so. So in the end Zelaya was the one that dug his own grave after signing that agreement and, I repeat myself by saying that he and his followers clearly showed how naive or dense they were by agreeing. As far as my opinion goes, there is nothing else that can be done in Honduras but to accept that Zelaya committed a crime (that was clearly not well handled and instead of doing a legal suit against him he was overthrown by force) and a new democratic president has been elected despite all the fuss and there is no chance for Zelaya to regain power. He has to face the idea that the only way he will ever leave the Brazilian embassy is with handcuffs, pulled out by a Venezuelan commando operation or in a body bag. So sad for Manuel “Indiana” Zelaya (noticed the hat? He is just missing the damn whip) that things turned out this way, but it was he who betrayed himself by signing the agreement, what a dumb sheep.

And now I will try not to extend myself too much in something that clearly I have no right to nag about: the decision of president Obama to send 30.000 more troops to Afghanistan. Many people claim that such a decision from a Nobel Peace prize winner is an outrage, that he has become a war president and that is just dumb to keep on risking the young American soldiers’ lives and the countries economy in a war that has nothing to do with the Americans nor has been asked by the Afghans. It is also said by many that nothing good comes out of a war that has extended for 7 years with no real results and claimed the life of so many soldiers.

Now I will act, I guess, as the devil’s advocate here, because I am not a US politician nor a citizen and in theory have no right in even making a opinion but I don’t really care. I will take my opinion on the “what can be seen” basis, meaning I will try not to fall into any conspiracy theory or any assumptions, I will try to stick to the facts.

In 9/11 the US was directly attacked, the responsibility after investigations was proven to be Osama Bin Laden and Al Qaeda that had their base of operations in Afghanistan. A war against terror was declared by President Bush and therefore a preventive war was made against Iraq who was accused of having WMD and declared an enemy of the state (ironically no weapons were found) , so the US ended up with 2 wars. The new elected president Obama promised he would focus on the important conflict (Afghanistan) and end the Iraq occupation, which he did. This year he removed the troops, an action that gave even more reasons to the Nobel committee that decided to award him with the Nobel Peace Prize.

Now not only the generals appointed to Afghanistan but also other members of NATO say that more troops will be needed in order to finish with the remaining Al Qaeda members that are hiding in the Afghan mountains. Finally, here is where my comments come:

The war was not initiated by the current president but his former equal. Bush didn’t (in theory) forced the war to start, it was a circumstantial act of terrorism that made th US retaliate, just like Pearl Harbour. When a war has ended, the troops have been called back, it happened back in WWII with Germany and Japan and the same happened this year with Iraq. Afghanistan is still to be finished and the US is not the only one in there, nor the only one that have suffered casualties. Both Clinton and Obama have insisted the Pakistani government that they are not doing their share in the conflict and that insurgents are hiding in their country and for being more active after the US insistence, they have been the target of bombs and other terrorist attacks that have killed many innocent.

With this said, if the US would instead of sending more troops, decided in just withdrawing from Afghanistan, that decision would severely damage not only their credibility but the friendship and future assistance by the NATO and other allies (like Pakistan for one), it would be another failure like Vietnam that is counted as a loss for withdrawing forces before reaching the goal and not to mention that if you have just cut the tail of the big lizard called Al Qaeda but not severed his head, the tail will grow back and it will be anxious to retaliate, what will happen if the US is again terrorized by the same group that killed over 2000 americans back in 9/11?

I admit that the US government is sending more troops to save face to the allies and half of the country, but I say it is more important to finish what they started, that lizard (Al Qaeda) is going to be even madder now that has been messed with. Besides, call me a monster for thinking of human lives as data and numbers, but it is true that in the Iraq war that lasted 7 years there were 4685 casualties* and in the Afghan war that has been going for 9 years and still goes on there has been 1533 casualties*, that is even less than half of Iraq body count. A war that I would say, was frankly less of a thread than Afghanistan is or ever was.

As a final though, this is what a person who lost his wife during 9/11 say about Afghanistan and Obama’s decision: “I just ask every person out there if it was your wife who went to work one day and never came home,” he said, “would you do anything to make sure it doesn’t happen again?”**

PS. And with all these problems that the US faces, do you really think they have an agenda with South America or even give a dime for Venezuela? Get real Chavez!

* Extracted from Icasualties

** Extracted from CNN


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