Victim of his own idea

Nearly a year back in the 14th of December of 2008, Muntazer Al Zaidi an iraqi journalist during a press conference in which the ex-president Geroge Bush was the spokesman, Zaidi threw a shoe while saying “this is for all the widows, the dead children and all the deaths in Iraq thanks to you”.

He was immediately ceased by the secret service and after being carried out of the room he got beat up pretty badly; when confronted with the judge that was about to charge him for aggression and even a count of attempt to harm a foreign president, with his face all bloody, he admitted he was not sorry or even regretful for the shoe attack because it was a demonstration of all his beliefs and hatred for Bush. He was suppose to serve some years in prison but was released 9 months after the incident and was nearly cataloged as a hero in Iraq.

All this seems just a matter of appreciation points in the matter but now the same Muntazer Al Zaidi was giving a press conference in Paris when a fellow iraqi journalist, this time a pro-american Iraqi who was forced out of his country for his support to the invasion and the american troops occupation thought that Zaidi’s resentment was not well based and was hushed pretty violently by Zaidi’s brother that were in the conference. After a few minutes the journalist stood up and as a method of protest used the same tool and plan as Muntazer Al Zaidi, he removed his show and threw it against Zaidi. For the fortune of the journalist he wasn’t beaten as badly as Munstazer, but he served the same dish as Zaidi did back in 2008 to Bush.

I just laugh at the irony of it all, in a way it was a very poor way to imitate the already “hero of Iraq” but still made the point valid, throw a shoe in the name of the opposition, you can even see him smirk afterwards while living the precinct.


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