Shootout ‘Cosa nostra’ style

Last Sunday in Cali, my city located in the south-west in Colombia, in the downtown and principal cemetery a big shootout, old mafia style, occurred.

I am talking it went down like it would have been done in a Godfather movie, I can just imagine as the mobsters dressed with trench coats and with big tommy guns start shooting hundred of bullets, but that is just Hollywood (I am guessing). In a summary what is known is that a family was gathered at the cemetery giving their last goodbyes to the family matron when 5 armed assassins appeared from different points and began shooting with what people described as automatic rifles. They instantly killed 6 members of the family including a 6-year-old kid, one of the deceased grandchildren. From the assassins 2 were killed during the shootout, one gunned down by the police and the other one was lynch to death by a mob of civilians (Like when whores were stoned to death Bible style). The other 3 are still at large and a ransom of $25 grand (holly crap, even more than the ransom offered for the murder of 4 cops in US) has been set for any information that can lead to the capture of the criminals.

Ok so a lot of people were saying “Oh my God, the city is so insecure that now a humble family can’t go to mourn in peace” and I say to that “stuff like that only happens when you have a debt to pay”. Up until now the news is that 2 members of the family were involved in mafia (or drug dealing) business and well, you don’t have to be a mind reader to predict that they either broke a mafia law (like rob from the boss) or was a rival group trying to get rid of the targets. I bet that if a orginized mafia, like the Italian, back in the days (or nowadays?) was the one involved in this shootout, it would have been done in a more cleaner fashion, I mean if they wanted just to kill the 2 members of the family that were in funny business a well-coordinated sniper job could have done the trick and if they wanted to teach a lesson or punish by eliminating the whole family they could have used C4, the conclusion is, a very messy job were 2 hitmen were killed, no masks were used, they left half of the family and one of the 2 targets alive meaning they didn’t complete the job whatever it was.

I am talking way above my head now but the “hitmen” in this action are by all means better suited to carry the name “sicarios” that is the word in Colombian spanish for the “profession” and the way I see it is a derrogative denomination of a hitman. I see it this way: a hitman is a pro that knows his job, knows of weapons and improvisation and by being pros they don’t let any loose ends and makes a clean job, meaning no back tracing the murder back to him or his employers and virtually acting and being a ghost (like the Jackal in that old Bruce Willis movie) while the ‘sicario’ is the dude in a bike that does a bad timed drive-by “gansgta’ style” that is completely rookie and that attracts too much attention.


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