What will happen in Honduras

Things have gone crazy in Honduras since the elected president Manuel Zelaya back in June was taken by force from his house, put on a plane and thrown out. I agree with those who claim that Zelaya was beginning the “presidential long run”, that is now so hot between the latin american countries, change the constitution to keep power above anything else, even if the laws says you can’t. Well Zelaya was clearly breaking the national law and by all means should pay the price, but the right way, start a legal process, sue his ass, throw him in jail if its necessary but don’t strike with force and take his rightful presidential power away from him, that is just wrong, and when things start wrong they end up wrong.

Now after many countries in latin america and their presidents pointed fingers to the US accusing the White House of not really doing anything against Roberto Micheletti and the undignified retirement of Zelaya, the Oval Office decided to try and patch things up, bring both parties to negotiate. As I mentioned before in an old post, Zelaya was bamboozled into agreeing that he would be reinstituted as president if the congress gave their thumbs up, but the foolish Zelaya and his very obtuse advisors forgot to make sure to state any guarantees for the congress meeting to take place, they assumed a date, but never really put it in writing. So there was no surprise when the congress and Micheletti laughed in their faces when they determined they wouldn’t go into meeting but after the presidential elections on the 2nd of December.

After this was decided, the US washed their hands and said “So sorry, it is now you hassle, and as far as it goes, we will accept and back up the new elected president as the rightful leader of Honduras”. Zelaya feels betrayed and other “anti-imperialist” countries as well, and claim that the US has played things up and deceived everyone and making things worse, but then I say, what did they expect the US to do? Send marines to Honduras and put Zelaya back in power? They even banned economically the country, canceled the De Facto government’s visas and helped ease things up with dialog, it is not their fault that Zelaya and his followers are simple-minded pogo sticks that let the de facto party (that seems to be sharper) play them fool. If you think the US is an evil empire and that the first thing in their agenda is to take over all America and that they play dirty, then why oh why did all of these demented “rulers” asked for their help in the first place? Seems to me you have not enough power to make things right yourselves, so have to call the big and mean daddy, it just makes everyone who asked for their help look as lowly arrogant and dumb sheep.

Elections are coming next Sunday and they are hoping that a new president will be elected, but Zelaya is trying to start a boycott to stop people from voting and declaring the process as illegitimate and phony. Some countries (Argentina, Venezuela, Bolivia, Brazil, Nicaragua, Paraguay and Ecuador) have, as was to be expected, support Zelaya by declaring they will not recognize the new president no matter who will be elected or how many people vote and are constantly trying to convince other nations to follow their example, the OEA is not even going to send anyone to oversee the voting process to make sure its clean.

There are other countries (US, Peru, Panama and now Costa Rica) who have decided that if the real majority of Honduras go out to vote and that the elections run clean and untempered, will in fact recognize the new elected candidate as the rightful president of Honduras. Oscar Arias, the president of Costa Rica, tries to explain and illustrate others to notice that if the new resident is not recognized internationally the only ones who will suffer is the population of Honduras who, since June, have been in a really bad shape, where schools and universities have been closed since, when economy have plunge and poverty risen.

Again as I said, many things have been done wrongly in all this cliché drama play, but I must agree with Arias that the new elected president should be recognized as rightful and stop all the nonsense that is killing the already poor country. Even if Zelaya would still be president he would have to step down after the elections, so just let bygones be bygones, accept your defeat and the charges against you for breaking the law, do some time, show you care for your people and your followers and just step down, sure you were wrongly stripped from your power, but you didn’t play your cards right so it is time to say goodbye. By not doing so the only thing you are letting the world see is your hunger for power, because you are charging blindly to the idea of being restored to power as the only way out of the conflict. Let us say that you are restored into presidency and you declare that the elections were phony and should be done again…is that really what you want or you just want to go back to say “I am here to stay!”

It really seems that is the plan…regain power and keep it, forgetting about the important issue…The citizens of Honduras.


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