Iran and followers are full of cr…

As many may know, Iran’s president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad visited Latin America and spoke with the countries that welcomed him (not many) and many things were said and commented. In Venezuela, each “ruler” kissed the other one’s ass to no end and both stated that all they want is peace and prosperity to their respective countries and regions. Some detractors, such as myself, suspect (or know for a fact) that all those peace talks are just a pile of bull and just an intent of gathering filth of their own and trying to throw it back to their “enemies” hoping it sticks.

Now I read and article that just, once again, confirms how this Ahmadinejad and his mandate are as shady as his intentions with his foreign relations. Under Ahmadinejad regime, meaning recently, Iranian authorities confiscated the 2003 Nobel Peace Prize given to human rights activist Shirin Ebadi. In the report it is explained that when they say confiscated the nobel prize, it means everything, the money, the diploma and even the medal. The nobel prize was appointed to her thanks to her work in human rights and struggle to improve women and children’s status in society, but the government have determined now that such prize is unfit and has, as I said before, confiscated it, they even “respectfully” beat up the winner’s husband and of course imprisoned him (No real detail on this is mentioned). The fact is that for the first time in the history of the Nobel prize has one of them been confiscated by the winners national authority. *

So this is just another proof of the way this ruler work, no wonder why so many members of the population were stunned when he was re-elected even after the votes were recounted, no one, not even the voters in Iran could believe that this man was again back in power. Just to mention some of the most polemic actions and policies this man has taken:

A. The VERY shady nuclear program that he insists is for peaceful goals but always is very evasive with answers to simple questions and making up bad excuses when requested proof. Half the world is scared shitless that if nothing is done they might build a nuclear missile and start the feared nuclear war.

B. His laws against freedom for women and homosexuals is rigid and even considered as reactionary.

C. I am not very font of the Israelis and their modus operandi but I wouldn’t go as far as “hoping they are erased” or claiming that the holocaust is as fake as Chavez’s “peace mongering words”. On 14 December 2005, Ahmadinejad in words that have been changed, eased out or excused by saying it was a misinterpretation, he actually described the holocaust from WWII as being a “myth” and on 26 October 2005 Ahmadinejad also said Zionists (Or jews) should be wiped out from the pages of history with some other spice that could easily be interpreted as a plan to commit genocide.

D. His constant violations to human rights against political prisoners (SOOO very similar to Chavez and the Castro bros) who are mistreated and tortured just for being in the opposition and doing “acts of treason”. Also he is pro-abolishing or at least crippling the freedom of speech, even in the universities his regime tried avoiding women studying in large quantities arguing  “that there are not enough facilities such as dormitories for female students” or “presence of women generates some problems with transportation”. How charming.

The rising of so many “socialist”, and “revolutionary” countries is worrying, because their policy is rather simple “Either you join us or you are against us”. Knowing history, we can forsee that extremist causes result in massive killings, wars and hunger…we shall see


*Extracted from the CNN webpage


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