Brazil embraces Iran and China is red as always

Iran’s president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is visiting Latin America, but obviously only the countries where he is welcomed and there was no surprise in Bolivia and Venezuela who are after all socialist governments that have a common enemy and that is US, and after all Ahmadinejad has shown that he is not very font of the north americans either. Now the surprise is Ignacio Lula Dasilva, president of Brazil. I always pictured him as decent leader, have done great things for his country but recently he has shown and ugly side, like for instance he has been very affectionate with Venezuela, but that has its reasons, after all Venezuela has closed multi billionaire contracts with Brazilian companies and has promised Brazil oil ducts and gas ducts in the future. So that is reasonable, but what is a shock to me is that he received Ahmadinejad with wide opened arms and even defends him against the (according to him) unfounded accusations of his nuclear program.

Ahmadinejad assures that his program is legit and that has peaceful goals, only for energy never for WMD, but the funny thing is that many delegations have visited Iran and they have left with more questions than they had before they made the visit and refused several times after countries like France asked them “Let us finish the enrichment of your Uranium, that way it can be certified that is going to be used for energy plans and not weapons”. Lula is proving that he is either naive or just stupid…or IS HE? He has stated in the last few months after the discovery of oil inside Brazilian territory that he has plans of modernizing Brazil and investing in it, but he so far has purchased weapons alleging that they are just to protect his oil, and now he is very friendly friend with Iran’s despotic ruler who lord knows how he was reelected (Iranian officials said last week that five people had been sentenced to death and another 81 received prison terms of up to 15 years for their roles in the protests, in which at least 17 people were reported killed. On Sunday, it was disclosed that former Iranian Vice President Mohammad Ali Abtahi had been sentenced to six years in prison on charges that he tried to foment unrest to overthrow the government.*).

Lula is now showing the same inadequacy in external relations as his neighbor Chavez. It seems he doesn’t look a little bit ahead on the consequences of his actions and words. It has been proven that diplomacy must be handled with care always being watchful of what you do or say and who may that affect. Evidently he hasn’t really thought how this new friendship is seen by other countries in Europe, Asia and America who are really concern on Iran’s recent trend in arming themselves, doing weapon and tactical rehearsals of war and now a very shady nuclear program. This decision on backing up Iran might cost him some other friends and strong relations with other countries. (“Even in the search of new friends you shall never forget the friends you already have” Anonymous)

We are going mad with lunatic rulers like Chavez and his followers like Ecuador’s Correa and Bolivia’s Morales to now deal with the ugly truth that Brazil has a nasty black agenda of their own, the region is getting pretty unstable and to top it all Argentina’s president might be involved in a scam were dirty money from Chavez (Over 300 million) was given to aid her campaign for election and Peru and Chile are getting aggressive towards each other thanks to the spy in Peru that was working for Chile. We are living dangerous times down here in latin America, what the hell?!

Also I want to appeal to the news about Huang Qi, a chinese blogger who was trying very hard to aid the families of children that were victims of the last earthquake in May 12 of 2008. The only crime this brave (or dumb?) man (who already suffered a sentence of 5 years due to subversion when he was only protesting against the government) committed is to fight for his community, protest against the government who is selling an image to the world of a new China were their goals are now different from the red communist China of couple of decades ago (For instance showing how big of saviours they are by helping the victims when in reality they are not doing anything at all) but that in real terms is as red and commy as ever, suppressing freedom of speech and silencing every opposition to their regime. This man should be applauded, not incarcerated!

* Extracted from CNN


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