Chavez again

It seems that Hugo Chavez its a good student from old teachers like Idi Amin (From whom I will be talking about), Mussolini, Stalin and those not so old like the Castro bros. There are a number of teachings that Chavez is following quite well:

1. Everyone under your rule must be with you, those who are against you must be exiled, criticized, ridiculed, abused physically and mentally, incarcerated or executed. You must reach union by any means possible.

2. Ignore the human rights, who cares what the opposition think about you and how you rule, make their life impossible and persecute them. Treat all of those who are against you with iron fist, let them starve or live in worst conditions that those of an animal, so no other person shall take their lead. Never let other choose by themselves or express any discomfort whatsoever against your mandate. “If the freedom of speech is taken away then dumb and silent we may be led, like sheep to the slaughter.” George Washington

3. Always distract the attention of your mistakes or flaws by focusing you hate (and therefore your followers hate) to a single (or various) target, attack them, make them the enemy, show them as evil doers even if that means accusing them of things that you have caused or done, exaggerate facts or just make up anything, the goal is that all your followers concentrate on other things so they will be more flexible on letting slide your constant mistakes.

4. Patriotism is the your weapon: “Patriotism is the willingness to kill and be killed for trivial reasons” Bertrand Russell. You need that your people fall deep and blindly in love with your country, your flag and hopefully you.  If you are able to breed a nation full of blind patriots your word and command shall never be questioned, and knowing that those sheep will die for their country and therefore for your will and decision, use war as a mean to regain control when this is getting out of your reach.

5. Talk and convince your followers that you are one of them, that you suffer like them and that they are your brothers and sisters and if they suffer you will suffer, even if that is not true. Go ahead and live good and wealthy but always remind other that you strive like the rest and therefore are just another man and equal to the most humble of your men, that way they will trust you.

If we see all of these 5 points we can look into the everyday facts of life in Venezuela and how its president (or ruler?) manages the country (just like a farmer manages his land) and we will easily find how vividly they are bieng applied.

This critic comes from 2 news that I read today: How a group of students, that everyday is even larger, have started a hunger strike outside of the ONU offices in Caracas to incite the Human Rights committee of America to visit Venezuela and study the treatment given to political prisoners and how they are being abused. The second news is how Hugo Chavez in one of his speeches during his TV show qualified Idi Amin Dada, who was in power of Uganda for 8 years (And that is calculated that 300.000 Ugandan were killed during this time), as a Nationalist and a patriot. It can be said many things about Idi Amin like he was crazy, a murderer, a cannibal but I am sure that a patriot with love for his country and people in not one of them. Many Ugandan like Tamare Ugundi (who saw his parents executed in front of him when he was 4 by Amin’s soldiers), the president secretary, were offended by the statement made by Chavez.


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