Just 15 but deadly

Alyssa Bustamante is a 15-year-old girl, seemed a bit average according to teachers and other people who knew her, described her as a good and intelligent student who never had any real problems. This girl, don’t really know what her problem was, decided to dig a couple of graves in the woods and when she got the chance she took her girl neighbor of 9, Elizabeth Olten, to where the graves where and with a knife stabbed her and cut her throat after she strangled the little girl bare handed. After being arrested she claimed that she murdered her neighbor just to see what it felt to kill.

Couple of things come to my mind, why 2 graves? No news really touch this number, was she planning on committing suicide after killing Elizabeth and got cold feet? or was she planning to kill again if she found it to be thrilling? And the other thing is that this Alyssa seemed to be a disturbed little kid. Maybe you guys have heard of this new movement in the younger population around the globe called EMO, that comes from emotional (or stupid?) that seems that they are kids who don’t have enough drama in their stinking lives and decide to dress alike, comb their nifty hair in the same way, use a lot of black makeup, the guys being as girly as possible and finally being depressive about life and experimenting with death as mush as possible. So here you have a picture of a common emo girl and also a picture of our killer, you judge:

I don’t want to start it against the emos, yeah I hate them and I think they are worthless and are stealing oxygen from people that really deserve it, but whatever, they feel sad all the time and want to make mass suicides, go ahead. But the problem here is that a child, a teenager that is yet few years away from being and adult has committed a crime and will be punished as an adult, probably with life sentence with no parole, meaning her life has ended at 15, she is a walking corps.

I wanted to make a suggestion for all of us to think about: Yes this kid went overboard and killed a little girl who was completely innocent and therefore she must pay, but then again she is obviously a perturbed human being:

And who knows, maybe after few years of being some inmate’s bitch and some psicoanylisis with drugs (or maybe shock treatments) she might get her act straight and I don’t think it would be good to lock her up for life, she is young, she still has a chance to really change (Not like old dogs and child rapist like Garabito who I don’t believe for an instant that they are capable of change) and should maybe be considered for parole.


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