The world changes and Cuba?

“How things are done in Cuba are not about to change” That is the conclusion after Cuba has been scrutinized in many aspects. The ruler changed, but the new apple is not falling too far away from the tree (and the other rotten old apple) as so many have wished for.

The HRW (Human Rights Watch) have declared that the same crimes and human rights violations are kept running with the new ruler, and I say ruler because I am quite sure it is not a democracy or monarchy. Lets say I don’t trust the HRW and that they are exaggerating things, after all Raul Castro brought change, there is now internet (with more restrictions than pimples on a greasy teenager’s face), people can purchase cell phones and computers (with what money?) and so forth. Let us hear it from the people, the Cubans! OH wait, but if they talk and go out saying the truth (not even bad mouthing) they will be either lynched or incarcerated for conspiracy against the government or treason. Still there are few braves that despite living inside the lion’s den, they speak and let the world know what is going on in Cuba.

So it not only the HRW but the population that agree that the same violation against the human rights that were done with former ruler Fidel are now being repeated or kept by the new apple Raul. Now other nations feel like they could do the same thing! Oh yeah Venezuela and Nicaragua are following the steps of their masters and teachers the Castro gang and play the same game. Maybe not so hard now (Don’t want to go scaring their followers when they still can vote) but are constantly throwing harder balls. First the human right to have freedom of speech has been clearly ignored by their presidents (or should I identify them as rulers as well?) and also some incarcerations and rather shadowy murders against opposition is a good spice as well.

Heed my words, these countries are not far away from turning into their ugly uncle Cuba and their “freedom of the people” motto of the revolution and the communism (and socialism?), but I think it is the other way around “oppression and hunger”, that might be a better slogan for their campaigns and would really change the vote of the people.


2 Responses to “The world changes and Cuba?”

  1. 1 ll
    November 20, 2009 at 3:26 am

    the ruler of Cuba is still Castro the “coma-andante”, he is the one who talks to the people and dictates what must be done. Apparently things could get worse with Raul who is really in the role of a dictator as the military man he is.

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