The technology and the law

Every now and then some new tech gimmick is born. Couple of years ago was myspace, then facebook now twitter, there is even one portal to keep in touch with your co-workers and the idea is to keep it all professional and even might used to find jobs and get a bigger referral list of pros out there: linkedin

Now it seems people in general make various mistakes with these new tech portals, making pop up some questions like: “Ok this seems against the law, but what law is there for this type of thing?”

Lets start with the myspace webpage. Now days is the best way for noob musicians to have some way to give people a taste of their stuff, but still it has a lot of people out there that use it to meet new people and share pictures and stuff. Facebook was designed to keep in touch with old school and university (frat?) pals. There you can post pictures, videos and thoughts. Twitter is the next step in thoughts publications, it is design to keep your friends or fans up to date on what you are thinking or doing constantly. I remember my first impression of Twitter was “I can just forsee how many people will start abusing this thing by even announcing they are going to the crapper” and some people do!

So everything has its pure nature, try to keep in touch and all, share with your pals info and pictures but is open for so many rookie mistakes that can end up really bad like:

A. Publish too much info, like your home address, phone number and I have read cases of some dumb sheep that even post their social security number, now how air headed is that? It is like the sacred number for the US citizens that makes them unique. Thanks too this foolishness of so many, tons of frauds have been committed, identity deft, blackmailing and lord knows what else.

B. Trash talking. This might not be a very important issue if you just have close friends circle in your accounts, look at me for one…I love to trash talk in this blog! But still is meant for my known people and I was about to make public my name and everything when a friend told me “You never know who might read it” so yeah, I will take his advise and leave it as it is. So it’s not that bad if you are a nobody as I was saying but if you are a celebrity, oh wow, watch what you say or it can come back and bite you so hard in the ass it may take a chunk away! There is this story of Courtney Love that bad mouthed her former fashion designer: Dawn Simorangkir  for some trivial thing like paying the damn designer for the clothes she wore (Talking about cheapskate). Yeah, Love refused to pay and got into some arguments and so as I said, she started some false rumors and said some inappropriate things of the designer like she was a crack head. Now she is being sued for defamation, what a dumb cow.

C. Some people start adding more than friends, family like uncles, cousin and even mom and dad,and let us not forget their bosses and co-workers. I mean is not a big no no to do that, I did it, have half of my family in my facebook account and even a former big boss, but have tried to keep stuff that I show of myself as formal as I can, being funny and sarcastic as always, posting trip photos and stuff I would like all of them to see but still keep it PG-13, and whenever I want to go personal I use the good ol’ email. The problem is that many people don’t know these limits and start posting pictures that go from “How drunk and wasted I was, look at my puke” to “doing who knows what with who knows who”. Again there is nothing really bad with showing your frat buddies how drunk you got after work on a Wednesday night and called in sick the next morning, but if you are dumb enough to have your boss or your religious aunt who still gives you a monthly “good boy petty cash” you can kiss those relations goodbye or maybe a future boss after an interview get a hold of that picture, what do you think he will do? Hire the drunk irresponsible bastard that calls in sick for a hangover? Don’t think so…

So again, all these technology is great, you can keep in touch and all but it can also be a pain if you abuse or misuse it. Law is having a hard time keeping up with all the cases of blackmailing, identity deft and the pile of lawsuits. I remember one lawsuit that was issued by a student with a major in mid school teachings and when she was about to graduate, the university refused to hand her the diploma thanks to a picture she posted on her myspace account drinking and wearing a pirate’s outfit with the name “Drunk Pirate”. I don’t think it was THAT bad, but still, one has to keep certain degree of discretion in the sharing, maybe don’t go so public, just send the drunk pirate picture as a X-mas card to you college friends.


1 Response to “The technology and the law”

  1. 1 ll
    November 19, 2009 at 2:57 am

    honestly, I think these internet communities are pure crap, i prefer the classic e-mail or the instant messaging

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