2012…the end?

Believers don’t only cling to the mystic ideas of the 21st of December of 2012 being the designated date of the end of the world, they go to the religion, to different civilizations like the Mayans, prophets like Nostradamus or the crazy old coot Merlin and even go as far as trying to go scientific to find reasons for this awful date.

First we have religion, or at least for the one that might be one of the most popular in these region, Catholic and the Apocalypse explained in the book of revelations, 4 chaos riders (Pestilence, War, Hunger and Death) and the angles with the 7 trumpets of destruction and all that bull. Basically the bible describes an ultimate final fight were good go fist to fist against evil and judgement is set for all end everyone on the planet and going the easy way, the good are received in the kingdom of heaven and the rest are given as a bargain to the devil to pinch their arses with his big bad fork for the rest of eternity. They never set a date, just random casual facts or events that could be interpreted depending on the reader and of course we have the ones that say that all this tension, hunger and natural disaster is the beginning of the end and soon the world will crack in twain. The bible is a book that is not only written with symbolical terms open to be interpreted by whoever reads it making it universal, but also if filled with exaggerations and doctrines used as tools to set their sheep on the right path (the good one?) and making the sheep scared of the big bad devil with the fork is the easiest way to force them to follow the good path, so the idea of the apocalypse is nothing more than a “Behave because you never know if the world ends tomorrow and you might be judge!”

On the other hand we have the Mayan calendar. It is said they were vastly advanced for their time and that might have pushed them to their own destruction. It is also said that their calendar is exact, never is wrong and their maths were like flawless for the time with a lot of theories and astrological studies. So the last calendar ends on the 21st of December of 2012, therefore people concluded what it seemed obvious, THE WORLD WILL END!!! Oh my gracious! But haven’t they stop and think that the last calendar is not the only calendar (And therefore is called last and not THE) meaning that there could be tons of explanations for the phenomenon, like that precise calendar finished that date but no new one could be built because they were starting to war between each other until near extinction. People forget that the Mayans as well had a theory of “Eras”, change of era is just a change of something, like the fall of egypt might have been the mark of an era or when Jesus was born another era (they never really explained when or about what changes were the eras about, but with the different calendars it can be educated guessed) so again, why can’t the date 21st of Dec of 2012 be just explained as the end of one era and the beginning of another?

Now the prophesies, bunch of delirious writings opened for interpretations again, including drawings that have been “deciphered” or rather, as I said just now, interpreted. Is funny to see how they are understood, is like “people only see what they want to see, nothing else” They see 4 stars in one drawing and then 3 and the one after that 2 and yes, oh yes, it is a count down! Could be million things! And I have always thought most of the prophets were nothing more than a bunch of drug lovers who liked to get on crazy journeys and then write what they saw. In my opinion, the world is not that mystic, it’s more “black or white” not with gray diffused things.

Finally the science, there are hundred of apocalyptic ideas and theories going from another mega meteor that will smash into earth, to the explosion of a mega volcano that will cover the atmosphere with ashes making life impossible or a chain of earthquakes that will move the earth non stop until everything is gone and never to be forgotten the idea of sun radiation that will crush both our earth defenses (magnetic and atmospheric) and make the poles change and fry all electronic components and machines and end life as we know it. But they are all theories, nothing proven and all guided by casualty, sure it could happen, but I might as well win the lotto without purchasing a ticket, just finding the lucky one on the street, but again, what are the odds?

So in the end, yes I believe in the end, why? Because all beginning has an end, the universe will eventually, some day collapse. So yeah, humanity will end and perish, earth will be no more as well as the sun and the stars, but when? Who are we tiny puny humans that merely live a hundred years (that is NOTHING in universe and planetary evolution time length) to untangle the mysteries of time and space and therefore of the beginning and end of life? I think is more plausible that life will cease to exist thanks to pollution and other factors but it will not end with humanity, I am sure we will find a way to keep on living, after all “Bad weed never die”


1 Response to “2012…the end?”

  1. 1 Felipe
    November 20, 2009 at 3:33 pm

    lol Bad weed never die

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