A back breaking concert and a sore loser

Friday the 13th and DragonForce was getting ready to rock it in DC. Long trip by bus, all nighter with a nice breakfast at the terminal. Everything was running well, even despite the cab driver, “Mr. Mumbles” who was a very old dude that was near deaf and that didn’t really spoke, just mumbled like some sort of rodent, was so stubborn that he left me 2 blocks away from my actual stop. At the hostel I used the internet and tried checking the web page of the concert one more time, just to be sure, and oh my gracious, they changed the time and place that same day!

Had to gear up and forget about lunch, just gather my strength and desire to watch these guys on stage and head to the new place. Got there quite early just couple of dozen people before me in the line. The waiting began and without a book to read, music to hear or a pal to chat with, boredom was being chaotic, was going out of my mind and after 3 hours the “Roger Murtaugh” syndrome started kicking in (This syndrome is known thanks to Danny Glover who gave life to Roger Murtaugh, a police officer who throughout the 4 movies he constantly repeated as a mantra the phrase “I am too old for this shit”) and began my mantra. I was impressed by how young was the audience and the mantra was even more vivid when I noticed it. Some teenagers where there waiting with their parents! So sheepish that it seemed they were all using uniforms instead of clothes, all dressed in black, usually with a metal band t-shirt, blue or black jeans, 85% or more of the males had long unstylish hair and black reeboks, felt like a big black fly inside a giant bowl of milk, no black, no jeans and no sport shoes but leather boots not to mention the slight difference of age!



5 hours passed before they opened the door and nearly 40 minutes more for the show to start. But OH my surprise when no DragonForce, but a fat dude appeared, didn’t knew his guts, but all the teenagers started screaming like damsels in distress. I knew afterwards that he was Timo Tolkki, lead guitarist of some Power Metal band called Stratovarius (Not my fort so yeah, not so “legend” to me). The fat guy clarified he was not there to play or to give a concert but to give a seminar, to talk about his life since he was 5-years-old to where he is now. Nearly 2 hours of just talking, yeah some playing (afterwards played with a local band) but mostly talking. My legs were killing me not to mention the back pain that was making me think that if I leaned backwards my spine would break like a twig in two, again my Murtaugh mantra began in my head. Finally the agony ended and the change of instruments began with dim lights and bad metal songs to ambient and fuel these little freaks. 30 minutes later the band started their concert, very energetic and made all the fans frenetic, so much that with each and every song the little bastards started jumping and hitting each other like dimwitted spawns on speed. Yeah I accept it, I used to like that when I was 17 but now it all seemed stupid and feeble so it targeted my mantra once again.

Finally out passed midnight the pain in my legs was like painful searing needles scorching my inner tights  and each step made my lower spine vibrate like a violin cord played by an amateur making my walk back to the hostel as odiseic as the slow death in line to get in the concert with my mantra going on and on with each step in my head and even mumbling it (like the cab driver) without noticing it. I learned a lot of things from this journey (or quest?) and I concluded certain facts, one of them is that I always though that there were some things that should never be done alone (either because is painful, boring or just plain sad) like going to the carnival or a fancy restaurant by yourself, but I think a concert tops it all…NEVER ever go to a concert alone.

Now to the second part, our sore loser of the day (Or month? or even year?), Zelaya elected (ex?) president of Honduras who now is determined to insist that he quits for good his willingness of going back to presidential duties. All these was expressed in a letter addressed to Obama (US president for those who don’t know) where he even stated that big part of the actual problem was from the United State mediation and “lack of proper clear points” and for even just dropping the towel and concluding “This is your mess, you deal with it, we will back up whatever president gets elected”. Many things come to mind when I read the news:

A. Why write Obama a letter like a freshman writing his dad nagging how he blames him for all is misfortune?

B. If according to this buffoon (Zelaya to make it clear) his unlawful destitution was all US fault and the actual development of the negotiation between Micheletti and himself went down the drain was as well US fault, then why in the name of everything mighty he asked for the help, like a winning baby, to the US in the first place? It’s all the same with the pitiful presidents of so many countries in latin america: Evo Morales in Bolivia that hopes US (evil empire?) crumbles to dust but hopes and cross fingers that he can close a bilateral business deal with US, or cranky old fool Castro in Cuba who curses the US until his last breath but strongly believe that his people will end their suffering when the economic lock down that US has with them is lifted and never to forget Hugo Chavez from Venezuela the everyday repeats with small particles of fecal matter dropping out of his mouth while cursing the US and their “imperialistic tentacles” when he still sells his oil to the them and bend over when he is in a bind (Or complaint how little the US helps when Honduras started all this mishap)

C. The negotiation was rather clear, it was stated that he would return to power if and only if the congress approved it, with no dead lines or fixed dates, just that. Now how innocent (or just pin headed baboon) you have to be not to see what will happen? It was more than obvious that the congress, that were the ones that kicked him out in the first place, had no real intention of returning power to the commy Zelaya and were planning on just sliding casually making up excuses until the new elections came to elect a new president.


2 Responses to “A back breaking concert and a sore loser”

  1. 1 m.y
    November 16, 2009 at 5:07 pm

    so….did you watch DragonFourse??? dare desu ka??

  2. 2 Felipe
    November 20, 2009 at 3:27 pm

    Que mas creepo, como te parecio el show de dragonforce? brutal no?

    Y stratovarius seria como el papa de dragonforce, uno de los grupos bandera del power metal

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