The phony and the banned

Steve Burton, 29-year-old male, classical guy with a common name and life style, but seems was very disappointed, bored, ashamed or God knows what with this life and job and seems was too embarrassed to share with his ex-class mates how he ended up in life and decided better to impersonate, to rol play, a life that he either wanted but never came to do or maybe wanted a life that is generally accepted and brings smiles, claps and joy for the amiercans: The army.

Mr. Burton, A.K.A. the phony man, tried luck with his new rol with a blog where he described his tour of duty as a Marine in both Afghanistan and Iraq, even went as far as stating that he served in Felluja, a city in Iraq where the American casualties were huge and nasty (Many crippled vet’s come from the battles in that town).

As far as I may throw my opinion, I am not a veteran or an army man, never was and I guess never will be so I will try not to go as far as trying to understand their way of thinking or what they consider good and bad, hopefully they might even concur, because after all, Marines (And all army personnel around the globe) are proud and always are talking about a code of conduct and honor. Now honor is something that in theory is generalized in the population, just understanding the word and its meaning:

# (n.) To dignify; to raise to distinction or notice; to bestow honor upon; to elevate in rank or station; to ennoble; to exalt; to glorify; hence, to do something to honor; to treat in a complimentary manner or with civility.
# (n.) A cause of respect and fame; a glory; an excellency; an ornament; as, he is an honor to his nation. *

So honor is a feeling or status that comes from one’s actions, and of course army men that risk their necks in order to “protect” their nations and citizens are proud and therefore honorable patriots. Those few that excel in this task are given medals and the respect that goes with them and even fewer are the ones that go beyond the call of duty and are given special medals like the Navy Cross or the Medal of Honor.  This phony went the extra mile and wore a lot of these special merit awards, like the already mentioned Navy Cross that is given only to men that show, and I quote, “Extreme gallantry and risk of life in actual combat with an armed enemy force and going beyond the call of duty**.”

Ok so by all means I would feel betrayed, insulted that such a person that haven’t even dodge a bullet or been in any kind of combat for that matter and I would assume that have never risked his own life to save another would wear these medals. Also it is an insult to all the dead Marines, the vets and all army people that he wears a uniform and stripes that he didn’t earn. He is going to trial next year for this little charade and might even do time and I say GOOD! No one should do that (Unless its Halloween and everyone knows is fake). But ok in all good sense and being fair, at least it is worth to mention that the phony did a good job at least, he wore the right attire, even used ranks and a cover story that is believable…so I guess kudos for doing a good job in the nasty act of impersonating (fooled many untrained eyes)

Now here comes the XBOX banned pirates who were happy as many if not all of the PS3, PC and XBOX gamers with the new release of the game Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2, but these few suckers went the easy road, heard the rumor that they could get the game for free downloading it and just performing a slight tempering with the console and voilà, play online with others that did had the decency to buy the actual game. They actually though “oh yeah, I am smarter than this dumb mules that spent 60 bucks on the game” but I guess there is divine justice after all (well maybe not divine, divine justice would have been that the XBOX ended up melting after tempering with it with a giant crossed bone skull laughing on the screen while saying with a unearthly voice “Game Over”) because all these maggots got banned from XBOX live, that means no more online playing.

Ok I admit that I in my time tempered with my PS2 and PS to play a lot of pirate games, my excuse? Young student with no money whatsoever and with a very poor selection of games with very high prices available (in my country at least) my defense? They were to play offline! Still, its lame to do that and yes I learned my lesson after both my PS and PS2 had their optic readers literally fried for tempering with them, now I just buy original things. So yes I think these people got what they deserved and like I did, they have learned by the hard way that piracy is not a good choice.

* Definition possible to Thinkexist

** Extracted from Wikipedia


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