The donkey and the sword

Little I know from the country Azerbaijan, just small data. Things like it is a rather small country north of Iran that formed part of the URSS and that most of the population are Muslims despite their history. So thats about it, did not even heard from them in the news, that means in assumption that they are rather peaceful.

That was until today, well I have learned that Azerbaijan has a lot of communist reaction, actions and procedures, no surprise there, after all they used to be part of the pioneers of communist world. 2 video blogger from Azerbaijan: Adnan Hadjizadeh 26, and Emin Milli, 30 made a satiric blog entry with a lot of puns against the government, criticizing irregular spending of state’s money  and well in general, just a strong point of view masked with a lot of laughter and comedy:

Apparently the government didn’t think it was funny at all and prosecuted them for hooliganism that seems it severely punished under the Azerbaijan criminal code. After watching the video, that fortunately has subtitles, I just see it as a simple protest blog, normal young people resisting the idiocy and corruption of their own government. Usually what happens when common people read or see these blogs is to conclude “Must be disinformation or lies maybe exaggerations” or so I have been told, but after the video these 2 guys were put in jail, and not for weeks as a slap on the wrist, no sir:  “Hadjizadeh was imprisoned for two years and Milli was sentenced to two and a half *”

Azerbaijan government is starting to apply a lot of censuring of free press, free media, opinions and forums not to mention the increasing  rate of imprisonments, personal violations, harassments and going as far as disappearing some others. All this really rings a bell and reminds me a LOT of the recent events around Latin America like in Cuba, Nicaragua, Bolivia and Venezuela and far away like Iran. What is even worst is that even though this  “presidents” are not dictators per say, because after all, were “elected” they surly behave like dictator grunts from the old days “shutting up all who are against me, even if it means banning media, killing…but doing everything to keep power” (As if it all were part of a textbook “How to be a successful tyrant”) OH but I am soooo sure that the elections are so “transparent” like in Iran that the majority was mesmerized after the news that Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was elected again and demanded a recount of votes. The world is getting quite filled with dictators that are not only corrupted but DUMB. Dictators that use power and violence (not to mention the obvious corruption) to stay in power instead good politics and reason.

And for the sword part: Venezuelan “president” gave as a gift a special symbol, the replica of Simon Bolivar’s sword, the general that helped free and liberate most of Latin America from Spanish rule, this symbol of peace and honor was given to Mijaíl Kaláshnikov, inventor of the AK-103 rifle. What else can I say about this? For those who read this blog and might not have it clear enough, the symbol of freedom, valor, honor and leadership was handed to a rifle manufacturer, yeah yeah I know the Kaláshnikov is denominated as the best assault rifle ever invented, cheap, somewhat accurate, reliable and easy to maintain even under the worst condition, one great piece of weaponry…but still something that symbolizes war, death, terror (because the Kaláshnikov rifle is the symbol of all guerrilla and “bad guys” around the globe: the Ak-47). I just imagine that Bolivar is twitching in his grave and cursing the day his legacy has been fouled to this point.

* Extract from CNN webpage



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  1. September 10, 2013 at 3:09 am

    ラッシュガード キッズ 長袖

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