Being too drunk to take a subway

So the woman is completely wasted, like totally. We can see she is smoking leaning against a wall waiting for the sub to arrive, then suddenly she steps away from the wall, give a couple of steps and looses complete control of her balance and off she goes.

Now the things that catch my attention are:

1. She is so wasted that once on the rail she tries to stand up but fails miserably, or is she? I mean she is helpless, like just giving up. Makes me think a bit if she might have done part of it on purpose., but then again if my statement is true she would have jumped just before the train arrived being a sure death, but also…she is wasted after all.

2. Both Japan and US have the same problem with the train stations, they both just have a yellow line that hopes is enough to stop people from odd accidents and suicides, when in many other counties, most of them in Europe, they have glass walls with glass doors that slide open once the train stops. That could really help with such (foolish?) accidents. I mean with this huge opening, not even a small handrail, many crazy things can happen. What better way (if you are a hitman with a job) to kill somebody than to pass near the target and just push him/her just before the train comes, not forgetting again the suicides that seem to prefer certain death by jumping to the tracks.

3. How people reacted, I mean what else could they do? Jump to try and save the stranger? Sure that would have made even more front page than this news,  but who would risk it when you see the train so close. And in the video you see the damn train going so fast that I was even waiting for the gory scene (although the spoilers in the news gave away that little suspense)…was like a part in a parody/action movie where the car stops couple of inches away from the hero’s face.

Guess the best advise in this case is what I read from a friend: “Never drink and take the sub”


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