Auf Wiedersehen Wand

20 years have passed since the Berlin Wall was turn into dust and scrap and more than 60 years since it was built: the wall of death.

There are always many ways of describing and understanding decisions and actions taken by others, many of the times we can’t even begin to grasp what they are trying to accomplish thanks to the big gap in how we are educated and where we live, but still there are some common feelings, specially when it comes to human suffering and the “retaliation”

In 98% of the cases I am all for revenge, it is the engine that keeps many alive, to some others is just a seek for justice (Yes the meaning of justice might be divine or whatever and is quite difficult for a mere human to think that can begin to understand the notion of justice, for it you must be completely neutral and we all have feelings that most of the times chooses for us). Justice itself is to be paid with the same amount of cash, pain, happiness, sorrow, etc. of the one you cause.

With these said one can easily say “yes the Nazis deserved what they got and even more” but I have always though that to apply such destiny to a whole nation might not be as just and fair, because how can we be sure all the citizens were Nazis, wrong doers or were they just followers and others with simply no alternative.

Anyway, this wall was the simplest way to share the spoils of war, like a big ol’ cake divided between the kids at a party (And to think not only Berlin was divided but a whole country*). So we have a democratic and “free” west Berlin and a communist east part of the city.

Now my opinion about communism and socialism is not as black and white as many: If we take into account the situations and life styles of those countries who actually decided to apply communism we could easily say it’s rubbish, but I know that in the heart and theory of it all communism is not that bad. “Let us all be the same, let us all be born with same opportunities and earning as my fellow comrades”, it all sound great in textbooks and while you are at your college years, but things are never as easy as they are once thought. For it all to work you need a leader who is not only selfless but wise, intelligent, diligent and I can even dare to say omnipotent, and there is no such man (“Power corrupts; absolute power corrupts absolutely” John Emerich Edward Dalberg Acton (1834–1902) ), therefore there can not exist a healthy and prosper communist society. “If you reach 25 and you were never a communist you have no heart but if you reach 40 and still are one you are just a damn fool” quote a teacher said once.

So the wall not only separates families and friends, they also separate different kinds of hell, because even if you are in the democratic west Berlin you will still be in hell, just an outer rim of it.  Nearly 5000 people tried getting passed this wall where at least 300 surely found death. But it finally came down and Germany started to rise again to what we know now. I can really say that the Germans have inherited the gift of “falling and standing up again”

*Courtesy of Wikipedia

Power corrupts; absolute power corrupts absolutely


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