I can’t really hush it anymore

I have gotten quite a lot of time on my hands, currently unemployed, have the time to watch news, read magazines, newspapers, and so forth.

I have come across a lot of information and certain facts that happen not only in my region, South America, but around the world and I feel the only true way to shut up my disliking, disgust or in some other situations, joy and happiness, was to write about them. Hopefully for the ears and eyes interested enough and that might or not share my points of view.

As Jaime Bayly said on one of his shows in the new TV spot he has with NTN 24, “The colourful parade of our community” and again as he said, the many material that certain vermin give to be commented, criticized and so forth.

Today I will start with 2 things that derive from the same simian form of life named Hugo Chavez. First and forth most, his declaration in his “Alo presidente” that is some type of info-news he keeps to “inform” his sheep and other Venezuelans, the new ideas and turns that his mandate have taken. Well seems that the Colombian bases that will be shared with US troops and the treaty itself have been released and Chavez didn’t take long to take a stand.

And he “wisely” spread the word  by saying, and I quote: “No perdamos un día en nuestra principal misión: Prepararnos para la guerra y ayudar al pueblo a prepararse para la guerra, porque es responsabilidad de todos” TRANSLATION: “Let us not waste a day in our principal mission: Prepare ourselves for war and help our people prepare for war, because is everyone’s responsibility to do so”

There is no stopping this man lunacy. With every new idiocy he spouts out in a rude manner the more I am convinced it is all a nasty trick to cover up for his screw ups, let us not forget the unresolved case of the massacre of 9 humble workers that were playing soccer and that still no real information or a serious investigation has taken place, they think that by saying “They were paramilitary men, thus they were killed” people will be satisfied, specially when a lone man that was spared still resides in a Caracas hospital and treated as a criminal. Also the fact that the country is suffering of a lack of energy and water that is pushing the regime to “suggest” how people should make use of water and power and demand that the ones that don’t follow get punished as children for not following orders and finally and non less important, the misuse of the state money with the purchase of exaggerated army growth and weaponry instead of redirecting it to, let us consider for a moment, improvement in the country infrastructure to avoid having to “rationalize” energy and water.

And now for the second part of this posting, the reference to a blog of a Cuban woman that in a certain post in her blog, she described how, through her eyes of a young girl, had to live and be raised in a land of false promises: Generation Y and her post What they promised us

As you can see it is curious to me that such thing happen as told in this exact posting that beats all records of false promise. As it seems to happen often, history tends to repeat itself and the only mistake there is, is not to learn from past wrongs. After reading thoroughly I can’t help to notice how similar is this story to the one Venezuela is living right now, they have little food, even less energy and water and on top of that, in order to replace these basic needs the “leader” only offers promises and hatred for the North, for the “Imperial Yanks”. Right now most of the population is with him, follow his regime, his promises without looking a little ahead and see the giant wall that is coming…Yes, they are going straight to where Cuba is now and it might be too little too late to do something about it.

What they promised us


1 Response to “I can’t really hush it anymore”

  1. November 9, 2009 at 6:04 pm

    He has a lot of followers because of the poverty level in the country. He spreads propaganda out with his measly offerings of rice. To a poor person, if they receive a bag of rice, they will forever be grateful. Chavez knows this and is using this method to brainwash the citizens of Venezuela. A lot of countries go the US for help and they receive it. Chavez chooses to oppose the US instead of aligning with them for the betterment of his country. He’s just a man who only thinks of himself and is allowed to do that because of the oil his country produces. Without that oil, Chavez would be scraping gum from the floors.

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